Clouds of Pride
Hi I'm Ben. I like anime manga and video games. please stay awhile


I cannot stop laughing

I fucking hate it when I take a shit and I work really hard on it and it turns out to really small turds. Like Fuck you I worked hard on that it should be bigger.



im sorry son…tell your mother… i love h

itler x mami 



oh phil, never change


Remember when Ben Kuchera shit down both legs and went on a tirade because Erik Kain sort of (but not really) endorsed piracy of an SNES game?

He doesn’t.

kotaku article ideas


The Japanese Sure Are Wacky!!!: I Watched An Anime That Showed Half A Side Boob 

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This Skyrim Mod Can


don’t listen to them cody 


imageim no hero

-tips fedora- m’dear